Societal Change
Whether we live in a rural, urban or sub-urban society, we are all experiencing unprecedented change in our local communities. With the changes in society comes an array of both positive and negative influences, leaving the wisdom of elders locked in their own distinct generation. Now is the time to listen and learn from the wisdom offered by previous generations so that we may shape our futures by understanding the many roads that take us there.

Our students are the connecting piece in Wisdom Lost - Wisdom Found. As 21st century learners, students can use a array of technological tools to record and analyze oral histories in a way that allows them to understand and shape their wisdom for the future.
As teachers and students craft, record, share, and value what they have discovered through these digital stories, they can share their experiences with a global audience so that we all benefit by the wisdom found through these projects. The 21st century has brought us numerous ways to share our knowledge in an online and social forum. The use of movies and podcasts will allow students to use their personal voices to connect generations through life's journeys.

The Essential Question
How does listening to wisdom through the generations allow us to shape our own stories for the future?IMG_0772.JPG

We want students to understand and see that there is a lot to learn from the wisdom of our elders in their city. Whether students live in a city for two months or four years, their city will always have an impact on their lives.

The Challenge
How do we craft, record, share, and value the history of our communities to help us shape our futures?

Guiding Questions
What similarities are present between the wisdom of the past and their current reality in their city?
What recurrent themes exist between the generations?
What do they want to be preserved from their own experiences and what wisdom do they want future generations to hold?

Guiding Activities
Students should follow the Teaching Cycle we have laid out as part of the instructional and learning process involving Web 2.0 tools.

Guiding Resources
The UNESCO World Heritage Siteprovides an overview of cultures and preserving our heritage.
The Wisdom Lost, Wisdom Found You Tube Channelwill link to and favorite all videos created by students for this project
The Wisdom Lost, Wisdom Found Google Maps Site will house all postcards created by students to document interview locations.IMG_0758.JPG

As a group, we started off by by creating interview questions for people from our local community. We then discussed as a group how we intended to display our new found wisdom. We determined that we would use both video and still pictures, along with a video camera and a separate audio recorder for audio. We chose our locations within our city to gather information and proceeded as a group. We stumbled across a few challenges in our interviews which are mentioned on our product pages, but let the interviews guide us to our follow-up interviewees. In the end, we gathered wisdom from four people in our community. The information we learned from our community members allowed us to focus our reflection as a group where we discussed the wisdom we had found.

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